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Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Robe Offering Ceremony to Tai Sanghas in Bangkok

On 19th-25th Oct, 2017, Venerable Jao Sar Sukhaminda (Jao Su Kham), the Secretary General of the Central Shan State Pariyatti Saddhammapala Examination Council and the Abbot of Wat Doi Diang Kham (Golden Deer Mountain Monastery), Muse, Shan State, leads some Tai Buddhist devotees from the Shan State and Mandalay and Yangon, pays a religious tour to the Kingdom of Thailand.

On 21st Oct, 2017, he takes an opportunity to organize robe offering ceremony to Tai Sangha students in Bangkok at Wat Mai Sathu Pradit, Yannawa, Bangkok. He has practiced in leading many Tai Buddhist devotees in order to offer robe program to overseas Tai Sangha students such as Tai Sanghas in Sri Lanka and India for many years. Even though, he practices to offer robe to Tai Sanghas in Bangkok for the 1st time.
In the robe offering ceremony today, it is divided into morning and after sessions. In the morning session, Jao Sar Sukham is greatly invited to give an advice and instruction, in order to preserve and promote Buddhism to national and international levels, to Tai Sanghas students and also delivers Dhamma talk to Tai Buddhist devotees in the afternoon session. Dr. Jao Khu Narinda gives a report of the ceremony to the Chairman of the organizing committee and Jao Khu Pannyabhoga gives vote of thanks to all Buddhist devotees whom concern with this ceremony. In this ceremony, there are about two hundred Tai Sanga students and also many Buddhist devotees attendance.
The main sponsor of the robe offering ceremony is Po Auk Sai Muang Htun, Mae Auk Nang Mya Sein and family (Ohn Haw Co., Ltd, Mandalay) and other Tai Buddhist devotees. The robe offering tradition has been practiced since the Buddha time. Today, we can see the robe offering, Kathina Jivara Dana, ceremony, in Theravada Buddhist countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Theravada Buddhist communities in other countries.

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